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The Garden City, GA project includes the Management, Operations, and Maintenance of the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility, Wells, and Lift Stations which currently serve 3,600 water and sewer customers. The water supply system consists of wells with treatment, purchased water supply, a water distribution system including 51 miles of main, elevated water storage tanks, and 364 fire hydrants. The wastewater collection and treatment system includes a 2 MGD Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), 16 wastewater collection system pumping stations, gravity sewers, and force mains. The wastewater collection system includes approximately 40 miles of gravity sewer ranging in size from 8 inches to 12 inches in diameter with approximately 862 manholes. In addition, the wastewater collection system has approximately 11.5 miles of sewage force main ranging in size from 4 inches to 12 inches in diameter. 

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In 2017, Garden City made the decision to transfer operational control of our municipal water and sewer operations for the first time in the history of the City. The City’s decision to hire Clearwater Solutions (CWS) to manage and operate our water and sewer systems has resulted in a mutually beneficial relationship for the two organizations. The City has enhanced its operational capabilities through our business relationship with CWS and we are very pleased with the decision we made back in 2017 to utilize the public-private partnership approach through CWS for water and sewer operations.

Ron Feldner, PE, Former City Manager


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