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Centerville, Tennessee Water System Crisis


CWS has been providing emergency assistance to the Town of Centerville, TN to help resolve its water system issues.  After torrential rains and flooding caused nearby Swan Creek to overflow its riverbanks last week, runoff with unusually high amounts of sediment inundated the Town’s water treatment plant and the raw water changed characteristics rapidly.  The Centerville Water System customers were notified that the water leaving the plant was suspected to be contaminated and a “Boil Water Notice” was issued to all customers.  The CWS operations team, led by Chris Lee, has been on-site assisting with plant optimization and treatment techniques to get their potable water back within standard regulatory compliance limits.  Engineers from Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, our parent company, were there as well providing engineering support.  According to Mayor Gary Jacobs’ Facebook post on Monday, “the plant was producing and pumping water that meets all required standards for quality and purity.”  

Although the Town of Centerville is not a CWS client, we were honored to have been asked to help them through this emergency situation.  Our experienced team was able to step in at a moment’s notice to provide the treatment and optimization expertise that were critical in getting the water service restored.

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