Torrey Jones



Torrey Jones is the Regional Manager serving the South and West Dallas Water Authorities, as well as Perry County Water Authority, Butler County Water Authority, Lowndes County Water Authority, North Choctaw Water & Sewer Authority, Hale County Water Authority, Billingsley Water Authority, and Vance projects in Alabama. Torrey served as a Project Manager for the West Dallas and South Dallas Water Authorities for the past 10 years where he has not only been responsible for the daily operations of the systems, but has also been involved in numerous capital improvement projects. In 2008, Torrey oversaw a $3.5 million project that included a new automated greensand filter plant, a new water tank, three new generators, and several miles of water main for South Dallas. In 2014, he completed a $1 million service line rehabilitation project that included replacement of 1,200 old service lines and meters. Between 2008 and 2012, Torrey was responsible for a two-phase project that included 400 new customers, 66 miles of water main, a booster pump station, pressure reducing valve, all new meters, and a water tank for West Dallas. Torrey is a certified Grade 3 Water Operator in Alabama.

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