Terry Merritt

Chief Operating Officer (Private Sector)



Terry Merritt is a company executive with CWS. His role includes executive leadership of the CWS company, client management, and business development. He provides direct oversight of each state manager and serves as a liaison between the client and the project team. Terry leads the traveling/startup team, ensuring that every project is transitioned smoothly. He has provided direct oversight of 110 facility startups.

For 25 years, Terry has gained a tremendous background in the water and wastewater industry where he has held such titles as Director of Marketing and Business Development, Division Manager, Local Manager, and System Manager. He has helped communities understand the benefits and logistics of contract operations for water, wastewater, and public works functions. Terry served as the primary contact for prospective client-partners and directed the appropriate team experts as they examined a potential partner’s unique operational and budgetary needs. He oversaw full management, operations and maintenance, services of water and wastewater facilities, distribution and collection systems, and meter reading. Terry holds both Class A Water and Wastewater certifications in Missouri. He was awarded the Missouri Section of the American Water Works Association’s Operator’s Meritorious Service Award (2005) for implementing a maintenance schedule and innovative repairs to water plant equipment, along with employee development and training in his division.

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