Kenneth Crawford


Kenneth Crawford is the Regional Manager for Lou­isiana and Texas, bringing nearly 30 years of water and wastewater expe­rience to the position. Since Febru­ary, 2022, he has served CWS in the capacity of project manager for the Midlands Project in the South Carolina area. Kenneth possesses licenses in multiple states and is a certified public works man­ager. He has also successfully com­pleted Rutgers University’s Public Works Manager Program.

Throughout his career, Kenneth has operated and/or main­tained over 100 different water treatment facilities ranging from 5 GPM to 180 MGD and including small package plants, lagoons and industrial wastewater treatment plants. He has operated both surface and groundwater systems and can navigate complexities such as alum and potassium permanga­nate coagulation; membrane, greensand/synthetic and Tonka filtrations; clarifications for both dissolved air flotation (DAF) and updraft clarifiers; granular and powdered activated car­bon; gas, sodium, calcium, ozone and chloramination disinfec­tion; corrosion control including both cathodic protection and phosphate; and solids and residuals handling.

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