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ClearWater Solutions — Leading, Managing and Operating Public Works, Water and Wastewater Systems in an Environmentally Safe Manner.

Rick Ailiff

CWS President

Rick Ailiff PhotoRick has an extensive background in virtually all water and wastewater system operations, with hands-on skills in troubleshooting and problem resolution of most water/wastewater related issues. He has a thorough understanding of supervisory principles and practices, preventive and predictive maintenance of water and wastewater treatment equipment and facilities. Rick is highly motivated and intuitive, effective at human relations, and able to manage both time and resources to maximize productivity. With over 33 years’ experience and 20 years in management, Rick has a wealth of knowledge in process control measures and implementation for optimized plant performance; budget development and financial management; financial planning; cost control measures; management of budgets up to $5 million; due diligence of plants; strategic planning; staff hiring, training, supervision, evaluation, and motivation; extensive computer knowledge; capital equipment acquisitions; client relations; contract negotiations; and knowledge of all State, Federal, and OSHA regulations pertaining to water/wastewater.

Rick has extensive experience in developing and implementing Risk Management Plans. He has worked with engineers developing safe, cost-effective chlorine feed systems that are sustainable through changing regulations. RMP’s developed include basic tasks, changing chlorine cylinders, identifying valve(s) positioning, emergency contacts, response to leaks, the proper PPE, who to notify, evacuations, and organizing all efforts. Specific examples include RMPs for the Five Star Water Treatment Plant (8 MGD), Central Elmore Water Authority Plant (10 MGD), Mobile Area Water & Sewer System Surface Water Plant (40 MGD) and the Orange Beach Water Treatment Plant (12 MGD). Working with the EPA and their contractors on the implementation, he has been through several audits and passed them all.

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