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ClearWater Solutions — Leading, Managing and Operating Public Works, Water and Wastewater Systems in an Environmentally Safe Manner.

Paige Cawood

Lab and Safety Director

Paige is the company-wide Lab Director and Environmental Health and Safety Director with more than 8 years experience in the Water and Wastewater industry. She provides a comprehensive knowledge of laboratory procedures compliant both with Standard Methods and all regulatory agencies.  Paige’s lab responsibilities include the oversight of all laboratory nutrient testing, assisting with modifications to the plants process control practices through the analyzing and interpretation of laboratory data, maintaining a certified lab through participation in a yearly Quality Assurance study, providing operational and compliance data to regulatory agencies, coordinating outside laboratory testing for projects that cannot provide in-house testing, assisting project startups by helping to select appropriate equipment and testing methods.  She directs the safety training program including compiling monthly safety topics, directing the safety meetings, and conducting site specific safety inspections of all plants to meet OSHA regulations.  She is responsible for  OSHA reporting and maintaining accurate safety records.  

Paige is an OSHA certified Safety Director and holds Alabama Grade IV Water and Wastewater Operator certifications. 

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