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ClearWater Solutions — Leading, Managing and Operating Public Works, Water and Wastewater Systems in an Environmentally Safe Manner.

Brent Stauffer

Regional Manager

Brent has more than 30 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. His expertise lies in domestic, industrial, and contract operations. He is knowledgeable in managing groundwater systems using chlorine, fluoride, lime, and sedimentation treatment. Brent has experience in facility design and modifications, equipment recommendations and sizing, and developing positive working relationships with regulatory officials during supervisory tenure. His skills extend into other environmental areas including air, stormwater, hazardous waste, and solid waste. Mr. Stauffer also developed cross-training programs and operations and maintenance standard operating procedures for facilities. He has performed facility evaluations, startups, and cost model projections for proposed contracts. Brent has experience in union negotiations and working with union representatives, delivering utility and public works projects on budget, and providing savings to clients. He is knowledgeable in developing project operating plans, safety, and compliance training. He administers project contracts and amendments for clients, and provides solutions for clients including compliance, cost containment, staffing levels, and inter-local agreements.

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