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Clear Water Solutions

ClearWater Solutions — Leading, Managing and Operating Public Works, Water and Wastewater Systems in an Environmentally Safe Manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose CWS?
We are an American, employee-owned company whose experience and expertise are second to none and we bring a different approach and perspective to our clients. We pay attention to the detail of our client’s priorities and needs. CWS works hard to develop long lasting relationships with our clients. We feel that the client’s input is the key to our success and we listen to their specific needs before developing any strategic plan of action.

How will CWS save us money?
With many years of experience behind us, our team has the insight into cost effective solutions for various needs. Once our team analyzes the many factors of your system, we can recommend ways to optimize power and chemicals, streamline employee responsibilities, and share resources — without compromising the effectiveness or your system or the satisfaction of your customers.

What happens to existing employees?
We retain all current employees, contingent on the successful passing of a drug test and physical. Employees will have opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization. They will be offered a benefits package that is not only comparable to what they currently receive, but will often exceed their existing plan.

Who provides the equipment and vehicles?
Once our team is able to evaluate the existing inventory of equipment and vehicles, we will discuss the options with our client. It is important that our projects are equipped sufficiently to conduct the business at hand. Typically, our clients provide existing equipment/vehicles for use and CWS will provide additional equipment and vehicles as necessary.

Insurance — who provides?
We will provide liability, employee and vehicle insurance. Client will maintain insurance for assets.

Who is responsible for liability?
We assume employee, compliance and safety liability. Client is responsible if recommendations are made and not acted upon.

Who will interact with the client?
CWS will provide a project manager to facilitate projects and interaction with the client. However, our experienced management team is accessible at all times. We will attend council and/or board meetings and provide operations, maintenance, financial reports and capital improvement plans.

Who is responsible for compliance?
CWS will assume responsibility for meeting all compliance requirements, unless the client does not make recommended operational changes or equipment and/or repairs. With our flexible contract terms, you can rest assured you will always get the best options for your project.

What are the contract terms available?
CWS offers one to 20 year operation and maintenance contracts. Most contracts are three to five years — with 10 year contracts becoming the norm — and are based on cost to operate and maintain, plus percentage of profit margin. Longer contracts will reduce cost for clients including such factors as start-up cost, capital development cost, computers, software, and equipment. The contract will be signed by CWS and the client once agreement is reached on the terms.

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