CWS September Newsletter

A Letter From the President:

Richard D. (Rick) Ailiff, Jr.September, the best month of the year, is meant for football and fun!  This is definitely my favorite season, and I know most of you will welcome some cooler weather.

The Operations and Business Development Teams recently met to discuss our strategic plan and how we are progressing as a company.  We are extremely excited about our current status and how the rest of the year has been forecast.  We need everyone’s help to meet the goals established and finish the year strong.  Let’s begin setting the stage for a great 2016!

We discussed our Training Program, which is spearheaded by Tim Mitchell, and its importance to our employees.  Tim works extremely hard to provide training opportunities and as many tools as possible for the entire staff of CWS. As such, Tim is passionate about achieving some aggressive goals for this year and wants to ensure we improve by reaching our goals.

I want to challenge each employee to join me in the commitment to improve the level of certifications company-wide by March 1, 2016.  Whether you hold a Grade I certification or have not yet been certified, I would like to see us all commit to get receiving a “new” certification within the next six months.  I myself am committed to sitting for the Grade IV wastewater exam by January 1st.

To be the best O & M Company in our region, we need our employees to continuously learn and improve upon his or her skill sets.  Curiosity and an insatiable desire to progress and to improve is what makes great leaders.  Leaders are rarely satisfied with the status quo, and welcome new knowledge and fresh input.  It’s all about investing in yourself!  In my own continuous education process, I have taken several courses over the years, however, it has been several years since I have taken a water/wastewater certification exam.

We understand that your career is a big part of your life and we want to invest in it with you.   We want to help you meet your career goals.  CWS encourages you to help us in branding our company as “The Industry Leader”.  Let’s all set a training/certification goal and help each other achieve it!

As an additional incentive to obtaining a new certification by the deadline, I will enter all the names of those who meet their goal into a $500 drawing that I will personally provide to the selected winner.  This will be paid in addition to our normal bonus and is valid until March 1, 2016.

We truly want the best for our employees and want each of you to grow and be the best you can be.  With certification comes many opportunities for you to provide for your family.

I encourage you to talk to Tim and get an action plan together to begin the process.   Let’s do this together and have fun doing it.

Until next month, I hope you take me up on my offer!

 – Rick

Employee Safety Awards Program

By Paige Cawood

CWS works diligently to promote a culture that provides a positive, engaging and safe working environment for all employees. Having the appropriate forms and procedures in place are just a few aspects in the big picture of safety. Our real focus is on our people because they are the most vital components in having a successful, interactive program.

This year, CWS has been blessed with the opportunity to start an Employee Safety Awards Program. The purpose of the awards is to acknowledge individuals that promote our safety culture by shining in the following areas: using appropriate personal protection equipment, following rules, safely handling chemicals, hand tools and heavy equipment and working alertly in traffic zones whether they are flagging, putting up proper signs and cones or reading meters. We also look at safe driving, maintaining good housekeeping, customer interaction, and the attendance and participation in safety meetings.

The final area considered is leadership. We are looking for individuals that are leaders, have a positive attitude, encourage others and set an example with their daily actions.

The meaningful awards are set at $500 for first place, $350 for second and $200 for third.

The applications are due by November 30th.

We look forward to celebrating the selected individuals with their awards in December. I can’t think of a better, more exciting way to finish out 2015!

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