ClearWater Solutions June Newsletter

Richard D. (Rick) Ailiff, Jr.A Letter From the President

The First Quarter

I swell with pride as I reflect on how the first quarter of 2015 has transpired.  I am so proud to be a part of the ClearWater Team.

The CWS team had a great meeting with all the project managers recently in Montgomery.  It was good to have everyone together and talk about how we can help each other and capitalize on our opportunities.

The strategic plan and goals for 2015 were the main topic of discussion.   Everyone is excited about our position and what the future holds. We finished the first quarter strong in most areas, and we talked strategically about areas needing some improvement and focus.

It was pleasing to hear several comments after the meeting, such as, “what a great group of folks we have working for ClearWater”, and “everyone seems to be committed to meeting our goals”.  I couldn’t agree more! These comments reinforce what I already know, which is that we have great people working for ClearWater.

We have also set goals that are achievable for 2015 and are confident that we will continue progressing in a positive direction for our financial outlook and goals for growth.

One specific goal that is most critical for the overall success of ClearWater and its growth is the certification of our employees.  We need employees certified to make our company stronger and sustainable long-term.  Tim Mitchell is leading this effort and has a 75% employee certification goal for 2015.   Tim likes a challenge and needs your help!  He’s working on a written plan of how we are going to meet this goal. We need everyone in our company to commit to certification, no matter what level.  Please talk with Tim about certification as he is willing to help those that want to help themselves and the company!

It was fun to watch the enthusiasm in our managers, specifically Chad Jordan and Jerry Price.   Chad gets excited when he talks about “out-of-scope” work and is committed to achieving our goal of additional revenue of $125,000 in 2015 on his own accord.  We heard Jerry’s commitment to helping our projects with maintenance needs and his goal to grow the pump maintenance services of CWS.

Our relationships with our clients continue to be our foremost effort for development.  Let’s continue to work hard, have fun and provide our clients with the best service possible.

 – Rick

Coosa Valley Water Supply District Receives Award for Water Treatment Plant

_EBP1122The Alabama Water and Pollution Control Association granted the Coosa Valley Water Supply District two individual awards for the Coosa Valley Water Treatment Plant.

The plant received the Best Operated Plant Award in the category of Distribution System, 0-5000 Meters, as well as an Award of Excellence in the category of Surface Water, 0 -5 MGD.

The ClearWater team and the Coosa Valley Water Supply District will be recognized on August 5 during the Awards Banquet at the Annual Short Course and Conference in Huntsville, AL.

Congratulations to Brian Moore!

Brian MooreBrian Moore, of the Coosa Valley Water Supply District, successfully completed the Grade IV Water certification.  Although the process required several hours of studying and preparing for the testing, Brian continued to challenge himself and has achieved the highest water certfication as a result of his hard work.

Brian is a native of Marion, AL, where he attended Miles College to play football and graduate with a B.S. in Environmental Science.  Brian was working with Perry County on a CWS project when Coosa Valley Water Supply District hired him for the current project at their water treatment plant.  Moving forward, Brian will remain at the water treatment plant as a full-time operator for ClearWater Solutions.  He has offered these words on his recent certification:

Receiving my certification has meant the world to me.  It has given me the mindset that I can accomplish anything that is presented to me…I am very grateful for everyone believing in me, including our President, Mr. Rick Ailiff, the operators I work with on a daily basis, the  engineers, and the board members. I owe a lot to Mr. Tim Mitchell and Ms. Paige Cawood. They both kept me encouraged and went way above to help me prepare for my exam. I am just glad and proud to be part of the ClearWater Solution family.

Brian is a tremendous example of how ClearWater attempts to fulfill its mission statement, “We strive to foster an environment where … our employees find opportunities for growth.” We hope that Brian’s story will serve as an inspiration to others within CWS to achieve growth and encourage others to do the same.

Please join CWS in congratulating Brian on his achievements!

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