Statement of Qualifications

ClearWater’s principals have been in the contract management, maintenance and operations services for more than 100 plus years combined and Project Managers with a combined experience of over 200 years. ClearWater currently has 18 contracts/agreements with municipalities, city governments and state agencies, while employing over 130 people.

ClearWater is very proud of our client relationships/partnerships and our contract renewals and extensions speak for themselves. We are proud that ClearWater has extended or renewed contracts with four of our existing clients during our first three years in operation. Three contracts were extended or renewed well before the contract expiration dates. They are:

  • Wilcox County Water – extended in November 2009 for five additional years.
  • Perry County Water – extended July 2009 for five more years.
  • North Choctaw Water – renewed and extended in April 2008 for ten years.

ClearWater Solutions, LLC has partnership agreements with the following:

City of Hoover, Alabama

This project consists of two wastewater treatment facilities and the collection system.  The Inverness Wastewater Treatment Plant has a design capacity of 1.2 MGD.  The Riverchase Wastewater Treatment Plant has a design capacity of 3.0 MGD.  The combined collection system for Inverness and Riverchase consists of 86 miles of pipe, 2488 manholes, 46 sewage lift stations and approximately 70 grease traps.  O&M services include WWTFs, collection system, lift stations and grease traps for the City of Hoover.

This also includes inspections of manholes, as well as cleaning and videoing of 86 miles of collection system pipe.

Terms: Five (5) year contract

Contact: Mr. Phil McGraw, Civil Engineer, City of Hoover, Hoover Public Safety Center, 2020 Valleydale Rd. Suite E-100, Hoover, Alabama 35244, Phone 205.444.7637

North Choctaw Water and Sewer Authority

This project consists of water and wastewater systems, collection system, lagoon treatment. The wastewater system consists of 25 miles of collection line, one aerated lagoon and approximately 1,300 customers. The water system consists of five (5) storage tanks, four (4) booster pump stations, and 360 miles of water main. O&M Services include meter reading, customer billing/collections.

Terms: Ten (10) year contract

Contact: Mrs. Rita Woods, North Choctaw Water and Sewer Authority, 3997 Broad Street, Lisman, Alabama, 36912, Phone 205.499.9246

Governmental Utility Services Corporation of Mobile City (GUSCOMC)

This project consists of wastewater O&M for an industrial treatment facility, the 2 MGD raw water intake, and pumping/transmission facilities to serve the SSAB manufacturing facility.

Terms: Five (5) year contract

Contact: Mr. G. William (Bill) Melton, PE, Environmental Services Director, Mobile City Public Works, 205 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama 36644-1600, Phone 251.574.3229

Perry County Water Authority

This project consists of a water supply and distribution system. O&M services include water wells, tanks, distribution, billing/collecting and customer service. The water system consists of two (2) wells. four (4) standpipe storage tanks and 300 miles of water main serving approximately 950 customers in the rural areas of Perry County, Alabama.

Terms: Five (5) year contract

Contact: Mr. Earl Ford, Chairman, P.O. Box 485, Marion, Alabama 36756, Phone 334.410.2111.

Wilcox County Water System

This project consists of water supply/distribution and sewer treatment/collection system. O&M services include water wells, tanks, distribution, wastewater lagoon, billing/collecting, and customer service. The water system consists of four (4) wells, four (4) storage tanks (one elevated and three standpipes) and 420 miles of water main serving approximately 5400 customers in the rural areas of Wilcox County, Alabama.

Terms: Ten (10) year contract

Contact: Mr. John Molten, P.O. Box 488, Camden, Alabama 36726, Phone 334.682.9621


Phoenix, Irondale, Al

This project consists of O&M assistance for a 1.0 MGD surface water microfloc treatment facility, a 1.0 MGD activated sludge wastewater treatment facility, lab analysis, facility maintenance and biosolids application.



Safety Net Academy, Camden Al

This project consists of the O&M for the wastewater treatment facility, and collection system to serve approximately 70 residents with a flow of 14,000 GPD.

Terms: N/A

Contact: Mr. Rob Brannon, Operations Director, 80 Mel Bailey Drive, Minter, Alabama 36761. Phone 334.872.6196

Mobile County Public Schools

This project consists of the O&M for a 40,000 GPD package plant, daily process control monitoring, analysis, preventive maintenance on blowers, pumps etc. Services also include providing monthly reports for and to the District.

Terms: N/A

Contact: Mr. Tommy Sheffield, One Magnum Pass, Mobile, Alabama 36618. Phone 251.221.4330

Alabama Department of Corrections (DOC) – Alabama (Multiple)

The projects consist of wastewater operations for the Red Eagle Honor Farm (.025 MGD lagoon) and Farquhar State Cattle Ranch (.01 MGD lagoon) prisons. Operation & Maintenance services include the lagoon treatment facilities and collection systems.

Terms: Twenty (20) year contract, renewable every five (5) years

Contact: Mr. Kim Thomas, Alabama Department of Corrections, Commissioner’s Office, 301 South Ripley Street, Montgomery, AL 36104, Phone 334.353.3884

Macon County Greyhound Park

This Project consists of the Management for a 40,000 GDP wastewater treatment system, sewer collection system and customer service.

Terms: N/A

Contact: Mr. Jim Baker, P.O. Box 128 Shorter, Alabama 36075.  Phone 334.399.8576

Hale County Water Authority

water wells, tanks, distribution, meter reading and repairs, line repairs/installation, billing and collections.  The Hale County Water System serves approximately 3,600 customers and consists of four wells, six storage tanks, five booster pump stations, and approximately 1,100 miles of water main.

Terms: N/A

Contact: Mr. Ronnie Thomas, Chairman, P.O. Box 416, Greensboro, Alabama 36744. Phone 334.624.8888


Coosa Valley Water Supply District – Ragland, AL

This project consists for the management of the District’s new 3 million gallon per day surface water treatment plant, two (2) ground storage tanks, nineteen (19) miles of water main, two (2) pump stations, billing/collections, and customer service. This is a Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc. designed facility, which includes surface water from a quarry and Coosa River, chemical feed; including power activated carbon, coagulant, Granular Activated Carbon filters, Super Pulsator clarifier, storage and distribution to four clients. Clients include; City of Pell City, Odenville Utilities, City of Springville, and St. Clair County.

Terms: Three (3) year contract

Contact: Mr. Jimmy Bailey, Board Member, P.O. Box 88, Odenville, Alabama 35120. Phone 205.629.5801

Horn Lake Water Association – Horn Lake, MS

The water and wastewater system consists of four (4) water wells, four (4) elevated water tanks, three (3) ground storage tanks, and four (4) sewer lift stations. O&M services include repair and maintenance on water system and collection system, and meter reading.

Terms: ten (100 year contract

Contact: Mrs. Connie Buntig, 1543 Dancy Boulevard, Horn lake, Mississippi 38637. Phone 662.393.0140


City of Gautier – Jackson County, MS

This project consists of eight (8) water supply wells, five (5) storage tanks from 180,000 to 500,000 gallons. Services include: repair and maintenance on water distribution system, wastewater collection system, public works, meter reading and customer service.

Terms: Five (5) year contract

Contact: Mrs. Samantha Abell, City Administrator, City of Gautier, 3330 Highway 90, Gautier, MS 39553, Phone 228.497.8000